Recycling man's near miss

A Palmerston North recycling collector had to jump off the back of a moving truck to avoid being crushed by a stolen car.

John Cribb, 48, was working in Milson when, at 3pm yesterday, he had to jump for his life.

Constable Tina Lord said the truck Mr Cribb was riding on was doing a wide-berth U-turn near the entrance to Colquhoun Park on Fairs Rd when a Subaru wagon skidded into the back of it.

Mr Cribb was standing on a platform at the back of the truck just seconds before.

He heard the sound of acceleration, turned and saw the car coming and, in a reflex action, jumped off the moving truck and on to a part of the road he thought would be safe.

"When we looked he [the Subaru driver] was nowhere about, and then he just appeared.

"For some reason he dropped down a gear but then accelerated.

"It was not going slow and I realised I had to get out of the way.

"I just jumped, man, I just jumped." The driver of the Subaru - which police confirmed was stolen - tried to flee on foot through Colquhoun Park despite having a "significant" leg injury.

Police caught up to him on the corner of Rennie and Lockhart Ave.

Area commander Inspector Pat Handcock said the man was taken to Palmerston North Hospital and would face charges.

The ordeal did not seem to bother Mr Cribb. "We get paid danger money for a reason."

Manawatu Standard