Arson attack on paint truck

20:41, Dec 20 2012
SUSPECTED ARSON: A Higgins paint truck was burnt out on the corner of College and Morris St last night.

Fire investigators are inspecting a paint truck today after it was burnt out in a suspected arson. 

The Higgins truck was parked on the corner of College and Morris streets when fire services were called about 3.30am. 

Police senior sergeant Brett Calkin said the fire was called in by a man who told the operator there was a diesel truck that was ‘‘about to blow up’’, it was near a school and he was running away. The line then cut out.

When fire services tracked the truck down, they were told it was a road marking truck with flammable paint in the back.

Police were called and secured the area while the the fire was put out. Witnesses said they saw a man running from the scene. 

The truck was towed to the Higgins yard for inspection.


Manawatu Standard