Tagged memorial plaques get fixed

23:00, Dec 20 2012

Three of Palmerston North's war memorial plaques have been taken off the Cenotaph in The Square to get graffiti damage repaired.

The plaques were damaged around Anzac Day this year in an attack that Palmerston North RSA president George Mathew described as "unbelievable".

Some of the tagging had happened earlier.

City council health, safety and energy officer John Debney said defacing the record of those who had died in the wars was sad and disrespectful.

"We hope the restored plaques will reinforce the community's wider commitment to preserving the heritage of Palmerston North and honouring the contributions of those who gave up their lives for our freedom," Mr Debney said.

The restoration work will be carried out by local company Trophy Specialists, at a cost of about $3000.


The repaired plaques are expected to be back in position by the end of January.

Two other plaques also require restoration, which would be carried out later.

Mr Debney said after this year's attack that the worst of the damage was to the protective coating.

He said it was hoped the marks had not penetrated too deeply into the brass and brass-alloy plates themselves.

The damage looked worse when the weather got into the cracks in the coating and black areas developed.

The Manawatu Standard