Toy gun shooters nabbed

Boys have been caught shooting people at random with a paint gun near Levin.

Levin Police say they received reports at 3.30pm yesterday of three men travelling in a Toyota Hilux from Otaki Beach to Levin, firing paint balls out of the car window at other vehicles on State Highway 1. Police received three complaints from people claiming they were shot at.

Police caught up to vehicle at Bolton Rd, and found the gun dismantled and hidden when they searched the car.

Two 14-year-old boys have been referred to youth aid for recklessly discharging an air gun and a 20-year-old Levin man who was driving the vehicle has been charged with being an accessory. He is scheduled to appear in Levin District Court on January 10. The group admitted to firing on five vehicles, some letterboxes and houses.

Police say the boys had been "incredibly stupid" and, with so many cars on the road during the holiday break, it was fortunate the boys had not created a fatal crash.

Meanwhile, Palmerston North police dealt with two separate firearms incidents within half an hour. A plastic toy gun and an air pistol were the "weapons" of choice for two men keeping the authorities busy.

Sergeant Graham Wehipeihana said police responded to a domestic incident about 6pm yesterday, after a man began threatening a woman known to him with what appeared to be an air gun.

He was swiftly dealt with and taken into custody.

By 6.30pm police were called to a separate incident, after a 16-year-old boy, described as as being of Pacific Island descent, climbed ona roof with a toy gun. He was coaxed down from the roof by police.

"Both of these could have been serious," Mr Weihipana said.

"But both incidents have concluded without any serious injuries at all."

Manawatu Standard