Summer snarler comes up trumps

20:30, Jan 08 2013
Whariti meats - sausages
BANG ON: Whariti Meats co-owners Russell Hunter, left, and Andy Galloway with some of their sought-after sausages.

A Woodville Beef & Blue Cheese sausage has triumphed over out-of-town rivals in a fry-off.

The contest was held at Woodville’s summer races between five butchers from Manawatu, Hawke’s Bay and Wairarapa.

Organiser John Shannon said he got the idea from Britain’s Royal Windsor Racing Club, where a sausage contest was staged.

It made Mr Shannon keen to do it at Woodville’s race day.

‘‘Each butchery had its own barbecue and the butchers walked around the people at the races, getting them to try a piece of the sausages.’’

He said it was an exciting day, with about 3000 people at the races, and those who bought race books had a voting form in the back.


‘‘It was all on public tasting and voting. You can talk about the colour and texture of a sausage, but in the end it is all about taste.

‘‘This was about real sausages. We don’t test them on pH, or colour. People test them on taste.’’

The winner was Whariti Meats from Woodville. Its Beef & Blue Cheese was just a few votes ahead of the next sausage.

The inaugural Sausage Festival included Scotty’s Meats from Martinborough, the Waipawa Butchery and Waiora Lamb with its lamb and mint sausage, as well as Whariti Meats.

About 500 votes were taken Russell Hunter, a co-owner of Whariti Meats, said Swiss cheese was added so the blue vein would not be so sharp.

‘‘We’ve only been making them about a month, and we won the first  competition we’ve entered this in.

‘‘We were up against guys that have won New Zealand’s Supreme Sausage Award, so we were thrilled with the win.’’

Manawatu Standard