Pupils see NCEA results early

Palmerston North students were among those who were confused when they tried to access their NCEA results.

Some students were able to see their results after testing by website staff opened up parts of the website yesterday morning.

NCEA results are now online. Click here to login and see them

Former Palmerston North Boys' High School student Adam Welch said he had heard results were up and went to check his.

While he was too late, he said the site was still playing up on him.

"I was just refreshing the page the whole morning, then I went out and when I came back the log-on page was gone.

"Everyone seemed to think they were out today, but now [New Zealand Qualifications Authority] are saying within a week."

He said he knew of plenty of people who were affected by the false release. "Pretty much everyone would have heard."

While he was not concerned about when he got his year 13 exam results as he was taking a gap year, he said he had concerns for others.

"It's not really fair, not for me but for people going to university.

"I've got plenty of mates who just need to know."

NZQA deputy chief executive Richard Thornton said staff had run a test between 6.25am and 6.30am, which allowed some students to view their results. Those results were correct and would not change, he said.

"As part of our normal processes NZQA runs NCEA results early morning to undertake final checks before we announce that results are available. Some students were online during this five-minute period," Mr Thornton said.

"Our message to students is that they should wait until NZQA announces that final results have been released and are available on NZQA's website."

Results are expected to be online by the end of the week.

Manawatu Standard