Driver fled police

Judge Gerard Lynch heard the following cases in the Feilding District Court yesterday:

When police tried to pull over Daymian Maslen-Smith in Feilding he drove away until he lost control of his car. The unemployed Pahiatua 25-year-old tried, unsuccessfully, to run off once his car came to a halt. He was found to have a breath alcohol reading of 764 micrograms. On one charge each of drink-driving, dangerous driving and failing to stop, Maslen-Smith was disqualified for 10 months and sentenced to 75 hours' community work and nine months' supervision.

Early on a Sunday morning, a drunk Halcombe woman turned up at a house in Feilding, bit a woman in the stomach and shouted threats against her, spat at a relative of the woman and pulled the woman's daughter's hair. When taken to the police station on October 28, Hailee Nancy Keepo-Reid, 23, kicked a policeman. Keepo-Reid admitted one charge each of common assault, assault on police and intimidation, and was remanded on bail until sentencing in March.

Shortly after making threats to a repo-man in Feilding, a Bulls meat worker was breath tested. Wayne Elton John Kingi, 37, had a breath alcohol level of 1000mcg. On one charge each of drink-driving, threatening behaviour and possession of a weapon, Kingi was sentenced to five months' community detention, 150 hours' community work, 12 months' supervision and disqualified for 12 months.

Manawatu Standard