Attack following anti-police slogan joke

01:14, Jan 24 2013

Four young men driving around town with ''FTP 24/7'' emblazoned on their rear window took exception when another driver asked them if they were ''feeding the penguins''.

FTP is a derogatory anti-police slogan and on the night of November 18 it was showing on the back of a blue ute driven by Callum Craig Dais, 22, of Sanson.

Dais had stopped at the Tremaine Ave/Vogel St intersection when another car pulled alongside.

''Are you feeding the penguins mate?'' asked one of the four people in the other car.

''[Dais] and his associates took exception to this comment,'' a police summary says.

''They became enraged and began yelling abuse at the victim.''


It is alleged Michael Moore, 19, unemployed, told Dais to follow the other car.

He did that and they caught up with it at the Gull petrol station on Tremaine Ave, where the man who made the penguin comment was getting petrol.

When he saw the ute pull up he got back into his car.

''[Dais] and his associates were swearing and yelling abuse and threatening the occupants of the vehicles car,'' the summary says.

Anthony Gabolinsay,19, unemployed, called the victim a ''pussy'' and challenged him to a fight, while it is alleged that Moore smashed the car's window with a baseball bat.

In the Palmerston North District Court today, Dais admitted one charge each of wilful damage and intimidation for his involvement in what happened.

Defence lawyer Peter Coles said Dais lost his job as a scaffolder shortly before the incident.

''Prior to becoming unemployed he had never met of known the other occupants of the vehicle. Having become unemployed he got into company that involved associating with those other people.''

Mr Coles said the three in the car with Dais, Michael Moore, Stephen Moore and Gabolinsay, had ''extensive criminal records''.

''What happened in this particular incident is a classic situation of someone succumbing to peer pressure.''

Dais now had a job organised for him in Taupo and at Mr Cole's suggestion, Judge David Smith imposed a non-association order between Dais and the three others in his ute.

Dais was also fined $1000 and ordered to pay $100 emotional harm reparation to the victim.

Manawatu Standard