Feilding officer shocked by window attack

23:00, Jan 27 2013

A lone officer working at the Feilding police station thought shots were being fired at him when a man smashed eight windows in a surprise attack on the building.

Sergeant Grant Lawton, of Feilding police, said a 26-year-old man was arrested after breaking eight windows, causing thousands of dollars of damage, about 7.45am yesterday.

A lone police officer working at the station had been taken by surprise at the sudden attack, Mr Lawton said.

"He actually thought someone was firing shots at him through the windows. It was very scary."

Police were unsure how he had managed to break the tough glass, but suspected a brick or rock was used.

The windows, measuring about 1200 millimetres by 800mm, were made of a special laminated glass that is difficult to break.

"They are going to be expensive to replace," Mr Lawton said.

The man appeared to be trying to draw attention to his mental health issues, and wanted to be taken to Palmerston North Hospital's psychiatric unit.

Police understood he was being assessed but may have to appear in court, Mr Lawton said.


Manawatu Standard