Drivers warned of 'tinder dry' conditions

Drivers have been warned to be extra vigilant after two fires started on the side of the road in Foxton.

Foxton Volunteer Fire Brigade chief Gary Stratford said the first fire started on the side of the Foxton Shannon Rd about 2:30pm yesterday, while the second broke out on Ridge Rd just before 8pm.

The first fire was small, but the second fire was about 100m by 50m and took hold under trees, making it harder to put out, he said.

Crews were at the second fire for more than two hours.

Mr Stratford said the cause of the fires is unknown, but may have been started by a cigarette butt thrown from a passing car.

It was getting ''tinder dry'', and people needed to be aware of the dangers, he said. 

Manawatu Standard