New road christened

00:16, Jan 31 2013

A new road calls for a new name and, thanks to roadworks in the Tararua region, Elliott Rd has been born.

A stretch of highway between Woodville and Dannevirke has been straightened through the NZ Transport Agency's Papatawa Realignment project, which started in April 2010.

As the straightening of the carriageway draws close to completion, more than 1.5 kilometres of new highway has been created, leaving a short, unnamed link road by State Highway 2.

The 650-metre length of new local road has been transferred from the NZTA to the Tararua District Council, requiring it to be renamed.

Historically, a Tararua family called the Elliotts lived near the stretch on SH2.

Other possible titles for the track included naming it after long-term residents near the road, the Wollands or the Cunninghams.

A council report said the length of a road name should be short, especially where the road itself was short, and road names should be easily pronounced, spelt and understood when written or in conversation.

Nearby Martin Rd, 700m long and intersecting the highway, will also be extended a further 895m to take over some of SH2.


Manawatu Standard