Kung fu school offers free class

Ever wanted to learn how to strike an opponent like a snake, or see what it's like to crawl inside a lion's head and dance?

The Kung Fu School Nam Pai Chuan in Palmerston North is offering a free training class to the community in the build-up to the Chinese New Year.

The school is hosting the class to celebrate the Year of the Snake on February 10, and will send students to perform in Wellington on the day.

The classes, which start on Monday, will feature demonstrations such as the lion dance, traditional weapons, and for those who require a low-impact activity, there will be Tai Chi relaxation techniques.

Head of Asia Pacific Gary O'Sullivan said the school was excited to be offering the training to the public so close to the Chinese New Year.

Children's classes run on Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 6pm until 7pm. Adult classes are on the same days, but run from 7pm until 9pm. The Tai Chi class is on Wednesday from 5pm until 5.45pm.

The first class attended by a member of the public is free.

Manawatu Standard