Mistake pushes Palmerston south

23:29, Feb 04 2013
akamai landscape
PALMERSTON SOUTH? Leisa Epplett laughed when she saw this mapping mistake.

A global iPhone application has put Palmerston North on the map, 875km south of where it actually is.

The iPhone app for global internet company Akamai appears to have confused Palmerston North with Palmerston in Otago, creating an embarrassing blip in its mapping system.

Akamai is a company that reads approximately 20 per cent of the worlds internet traffic and then provides visual data so users can get an understanding of the world's online behaviour in live time.

Hawke's Bay woman Leisa Epplett, who was born in Palmerston North, spotted the company's mistake and took a screenshot of it, before sharing it with her colleagues on social media.

"I thought it was really funny.

"Funny that they'd stuffed up the location of Palmerston North and even more funny that there was actually notable internet traffic coming out of Palmerston North."


She said Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch were the only other New Zealand centres highlighted by Akamai when she had looked at the app.

"I didn't expect to see Palmy there, and certainly not below Christchurch.

"But then it would probably have been even more surprising if there had been notable activity coming out of Palmerston in Otago."

Representatives from Akamai did not immediately respond to attempts to contact them.

Manawatu Standard