DHB green lights $5m on new gear

18:30, Feb 05 2013

MidCentral District Health Board looks set to go ahead with a $4.9 million purchase of new imaging equipment, including five ultrasounds and three X-rays.

The purchases were approved yesterday by the hospital advisory committee and will need sign-off by the board.

DHB operations director for community and regional services, Nicholas Glubb, said the new machines would help improve the quality and timeliness of care to patients.

Some were replacing machines that were nearing the end of their operational life.

The three new digital X-ray machines would replace machines at the hospital with the potential to increase throughput by around 60 per cent per room, similar to the change for another room that went digital in 2007.

There are plans to buy five new ultrasound machines, two for medical imaging, and one each for women’s health, theatre, and the medicine departments.


This additional capacity would support reducing waiting times and help meet faster cancer treatment targets, Mr Glubb said.

Theatre would receive a second portable ultrasound machine, while medical services, which presently uses ICU’s ultrasound, would get its first portable machine.

The department also plans to replace its ageing digital subtraction angiography equipment bought in 1993. DSA is an imaging technique that uses X-rays and special dyes to show blood vessels in the body.

One of two computerised tomography scanners would also be replaced. CT procedures are one of the fastest growing areas in the medical imaging service.

Last year the number of procedures increased by 9 per cent, and this year it is estimated to rise by 16 per cent.

Manawatu Standard