Bigger phone books a sight for sore eyes

Bigger, bolder, fatter-fonted Manawatu phone books are back this May after a public outcry resulted in Yellow reworking the region's directories.

Yellow, the provider of the Yellow Pages and White Pages, has announced that the Manawatu edition will be easier to read thanks to a restored font size and new paper.

Last year, Yellow changed the directories, making a skinner, streamlined phone book which was 10 per cent smaller than the previous version, leaving some residents cross-eyed trying to read the fine print.

Among the annoyed parties were Palmerston North couple Chris and Dennis Dromgool who said the print size was so small they could not find their own names and address without help.

The couple requested a magnifying glass from Yellow to find numbers, but this still did not help, they said.

Instead, they discarded the directory and used an older copy.

The news of a fix was met with applause by Mrs Dromgool, who said she would be putting her Yellow-provided magnifying glass aside.

"It's absolutely fantastic, because we're getting up there, we're in our 60s and hubby is nearing retirement.

"It'll be great for so many other people too, especially the older folk and those who are a bit short-sighted, you know, it'll just be more convenient," Mrs Dromgool said.

Yellow chief executive Chris Armistead said the change was in response to feedback from members of the community who preferred the old font.

"It has been one of my priorities to look for ways that we can improve our print directories and our digital offering, and the font and paper quality are two improvements I'm pleased to announce."

Julia Wallace Retirement Village manager Pam Scott said the font fix-up was "simply wonderful".

"When last year's phone books first came out, there were many, many . . . complaints from our residents. They would bring [the book] to reception to somebody they perceived to have younger eyes to have a look at it for them."

Manawatu Standard