Boy's beloved bike stolen

19:00, Feb 08 2013
Quin Clark with son Jayden
MISSING: Quin Clark with son Jayden, 4 1/2, whose motorbikes were stolen from their garage.

Thieves targeting motocross bikes have left one 5-year-old boy devastated.

Quin Clark said his two Honda motorcycles, a CR125 and his 5-year-old son's CRF50, were taken from his locked garage on Amberley Ave overnight Wednesday.

His son, who shared his love of bikes, was "devastated", he said.

His new riding gear was also taken, and the window of his work van was smashed and tools stolen from inside.

Mr Clark said one of the bikes was fairly new, and had been ridden only once, so he was unsure how anyone knew it was in there.

He thought perhaps someone had looked through the garage window.


Both motorcycles were red, and the motocross gear was red, white and black. The bikes and gear were worth about $8000.

Mr Clark was not insured and said he would have to save to get new bikes.

Senior Sergeant Brett Calkin said motocross bikes were a hot item for thieves, and were regularly stolen in the city and in rural areas from sheds and garages.

Last week, a man in his mid-20s was arrested for receiving stolen property after items stolen in a burglary in Ashhurst the week before were found in his home.

A neighbour had complained to police about the noise of motorbike engines at the house - both bikes were stolen.

Mr Calkin recommended motocross bike owners keep them in a locked shed, with a chain and lock on the bike as well. Thick chains would slow thieves down and give homeowners a chance to call police.

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