Planners fix on Winchester St option

Winchester St looks likely to be the next area for residential growth in Ashhurst.

The Palmerston North City Council's planning and policy committee stopped short yesterday of rejecting the prospect of development beyond North St, stretching toward Pohangina.

For the moment, the planners' attention is firmly fixed on further investigating the Winchester St option.

Fourteen months ago, the council dismissed the idea of developing Ashhurst South, an area on the city-side of the state highway near the Manawatu River bridge.

It narrowed down the options to North St and Winchester St.

Planner Daniel Batley told the committee the Winchester St block ticked most of the boxes for good urban planning.

It was close to the commercial centre, with good access to services and amenities for future residents, it would enhance connections, and it adjoined land with potential for future growth.

There was an element of flood risk, which could most likely be overcome by setting minimum floor height levels.

Mr Batley said landowners were interested in subdividing, unlike those in an already residentially zoned area near North St.

Ashhurst-Fitzherbert ward councillor Bruce Wilson said the council should make a resolution clearly stating its preference for the Winchester St area, but was voted down.

Councillor Chris Teo-Sherrell said it was sensible to work toward preparing a zone change for Winchester St, while keeping the North St option open.

Manawatu Standard