Council may sell low-value land

19:00, Feb 15 2013

The future of nine Palmerston North City Council properties, worth an estimated $1.5 million, is up for debate.

The council has been reviewing its landholdings to identify properties offering minimal or no value to the community.

Nine such sites have been found, including reserve land next to the Girl Guide Hall in Panako Place, two shops on George St, and Deer Park in Ashhurst.

Senior council property and parks planner Aaron Philips said the properties were identified after the council asked for a stocktake of all the land it owned.

"We started off scoping every single property that council owned. Certain properties are obviously key to council and the communities - The Square, our depot, the wastewater plant.

"Then working down the list there are some we're not sure if they are delivering any value."


The future of the properties would be discussed at a council committee meeting on Monday, he said.

There was no guarantee the council would decide to sell the parcels of land and any decision would involve consultation with the public first, Mr Philips said.

The nine properties are in Palmerston North, Ashhurst and Linton, and have an estimated value of $1,455,000. Included in that is $365,000 worth of land classed as reserves.

If the council approves the sale of those reserve lands it is legally bound to invest that money in other reserve projects.

The properties will be discussed at a committee meeting on Monday and then a council meeting later in the month.

Staff will then begin consultation with the community.

"We want to gauge whether there are values or uses for these properties that we unaware [of] or whether the community agrees with our initial assessment that we would be better off using the funds to improve other reserves and buy new reserve land," Mr Philips said.

Some of the land had come from the Crown, he said, and if it was considered surplus would be returned. If the Crown had no use for the land it would be sold and the proceeds split between the Crown and the council.

Mr Philips said it would be some time before final decisions were made about whether to place any of the properties on the market or return them to the Crown.

The review has identified other properties which staff are assessing. The council will consider these later this year.


Palmerston North City Council is considering the sale of nine sections of land: ■ A vacant section of reserve next to the Girl Guide Hall in Panako Pl, valued about $50,000. ■ A closed accessway between Panako Pl and Awapuni Park, value unknown. ■ The western side of Amberley Avenue Reserve, valued at $50,000. ■ An unformed accessway from Ruapehu Dr to Titoki Walkway, valued about $125,000. ■ Part of Hardie Street Park on the corner of Hardie St and Fitzherbert Ave, value about $140,000. ■ A section of land on Bowen St, Linton, valued about $90,000. ■ The former council depot site in Ashhurst between Cambridge Ave and Pembroke St, valued at $300,000. ■ Shops at 52 and 54 George St, valued at $300,000. ■ Deer Park in Ashhurst, valued at $400,000.

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