Technology ground down

For those other 350 days when we drive past the old rugby field at Mangatainoka, the quaint aspect about it is the ancient old grandstand.

But when the annual Super Rugby loosener is held there, as on Saturday, the wooden structure isn't incorporated into the seating. It would be good to have it in the middle of the main stand instead of being totally blocked out by the temporary grandstand.

The ground announcer claimed the match attendance on Saturday was 11,642. Many of us were trying to figure how an extra 3600 could be crammed into an 8000 sellout, or perhaps the Tuis were too close to their iconic brewery for their own good.

Remember the times when there were such antiquities as land-line telephones and nothing else.

Well, that's how it was at the rugby at Mangatainoka on Saturday. Despite cellphone towers sitting on the great hill beyond, the cellular network there seemed to be so overloaded by the hordes of city folk arriving that it crashed. Photographers were tearing their hair out because they couldn't send pictures via the internet.

Next year we plan to get our carrier pigeons out of mothballs.

The Manawatu Rugby Union is to stage its own Great Rugby Road Trip to promote junior rugby.

The venues will be Feilding's Victoria Park on Saturday, March 2 and The Square, Palmerston North on Saturday, March 9, both from 10am to 1pm.

Trophies on display will be the Kel Tremain Memorial Trophy, Attenborough-McBeth Challenge Cup, Women's National Sevens Trophy, Central Region Women's Sevens Trophy and Feilding High School will have their NZ Secondary Schoolgirls 1st XV Trophy and the national sevens trophy.

Feona Sayles was very familiar with Lyn Jensen's bowls in their Manawatu champion-of-champions singles at the Northern club on Saturday.

After all, Sayles had played with them for three seasons before selling them to Jensen at the end of last season. "It was embarrassing losing to my old bowls," Sayles said. "One of the reasons I sold them was I didn't think they handled that well with the wind".

■ The irrepressible 65-year-old Palmerston North postie Colin Anderson is well into his 10,000-kilometre extreme ride or 65 times cycling around Lake Taupo.

After starting on February 11, he already has six circumnavigations of Lake Taupo under his pedals, that is 160km at a time or almost 1000km.

Those who wish to follow or join his ride, txt 021 0220 6227. There is also: fundraiseonline. ■

After playing as a specialist batsman for the Manawatu cricket team in their Hawke Cup Challenge last week, it was nice to see our Black Caps bowler Adam Milne shaking off his shin troubles to fire a few down for Marist at the weekend.

Milne bowled seven overs on the trot from a full run in Palmerston's second innings and took 2-21.

The gunshot-like sound as the ball careered into middle stump for his second wicket will hopefully be ringing in CD and NZ selectors' ears.

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