Conference to focus on hydrology

23:00, Feb 17 2013

Water watchers will converge on Palmerston North this week for a conference and a look at the Manawatu River's monitoring system.

On Wednesday and Thursday Horizons Regional Council will host a conference of the New Zealand Hydrological Society.

Horizons manager of hydrology, Jeff Watson, said the conference would focus on how hydrology had been shaped over time both in New Zealand and globally: "We live in a time where new technology is constantly being developed to make our measurements more precise, accurate, and widely available."

"The conference will look at how far we've come in our ability and methodologies in measuring and monitoring the movement of water. And, importantly, consider what the future of hydrology looks like."

Hydrologists study the movement, distribution and quality of water which includes the water cycle, water resources and environmental sustainability.

Horizons Regional Council has a team of 14 hydrologists who collect information about the water in our rivers, lakes and groundwater supplies from around the region.

As well as being critical to managing the response to floods, the information hydrologists collect is used to provide information to farmers about how much water they can use for irrigation, by ecologists who are interested in the quality of the water and policy makers to make decisions about sustainable management.

Three of Horizons' hydrologists will be presenting at the conference. One will talk about Palmerston North's monitoring station on the banks of the Manawatu River.


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