Teens up at 2am to meet Reece Mastin

02:01, Feb 19 2013
mastin stand
DEDICATED TO REECE: Scarlett Vowden, 14, and Ashley Smith, 15, got up at 2am to drive to Palmerston North and camp out for the Reece Mastin concert tonight.

Two teenage lil rockers were up at 2 this morning with one mission on their mind - meeting their Australian pop idol in Palmerston North.

Scarlett Vowden, 14, and Ashley Smith, 15, have been waiting outside The Regent in Palmerston North since 7am for Reece Mastin's concert tonight.

Mastin, who calls his fans ''lil rockers'', is touring New Zealand in support of his second album Beautiful Nightmare.

Scarlett said she and her friend travelled from Napier this morning to be first in line for the concert.

''At the Napier concert last year, people were waiting outside since six in the morning and got to meet him because they were waiting so long.

''We were just like 'aggggghhhh, we should do that'.''

The pair had enough food to get them through the day, and brought blankets with them to keep warm during the morning.

Scarlett said she was hoping to attract Mastin's attention through social networking site Twitter.

''He follows me on Twitter. So does his mum.''

She said she was not being a stalker, and had no idea what she would say if she got to meet Mastin.

''I'll probably just scream.''

Scarlett admitted she thought Mastin was good looking, but said she was also a fan of his music.

''He's just different to other stars in that he's doing rock and roll music.

''It's good that he's bringing it back.''

The pair brought along a sign they took to his Napier concert last year, and hoped he would recognise it.


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