Cricket's coin toss kid needs practice

01:17, Feb 19 2013
NO PRESSURE: Palmerston North's Caleb Martin, 11, from Ross Intermediate School.

Palmerston North's Caleb Martin is a keen cricketer, but some overnight practice is needed to perfect his coin toss.

The 11-year-old from Ross Intermediate School has won an ANZ promotion which gives him the honour of performing the all-important coin toss before the 2nd ODI cricket match between New Zealand and England in Napier tomorrow.

Nine children from across the country have been selected - one for each of the games on tour.

Caleb's mum entered him in the random competition and he had no idea what was going on until it was announced to him in front of his classmates this morning.

Caleb has flipped a coin a couple of times while captaining his Riverdale School cricket team last year.

But the talented all-rounder admitted he was a little nervous because so many people would be watching him tomorrow.


"I am a bit worried I won't do the coin toss correctly," he said.

"I've only done it once or twice before."

Caleb was slightly disappointed he would not be out on the pitch with his hero Ross Taylor, who was controversially removed of the Black Caps captaincy two months ago.

"Ross should still be captain. They should bring Jesse Ryder back too," he said.

But he was also a fan of current captain Brendon McCullum and said it would be "pretty exciting" to rub shoulders with him and England captain Alastair Cook.

Caleb believed his coin toss would land on 'heads', and he was hoping Cook would call 'tails' so he could say he had helped the Black Caps to victory.

Manawatu Standard