Fans camp out to meet singer

21:20, Feb 19 2013
ROCKIN': Reece Mastin performs in Palmerston North.

Reece Mastin's arrival on stage in Palmerston North last night was met with a deafening cacophony of screaming teenage girls.

Australian pop idol Mastin performed at the Regent on Broadway last night in a show that had fans queuing up outside since 7am.

Mastin, who calls his fans "li'l rockers", is touring New Zealand in support of his second album, Beautiful Nightmare.

Two "li'l rockers" were up at 2am yesterday with the goal of meeting Mastin.

Scarlett Vowden, 14, and Ashley Smith, 15, both from Napier, spent yesterday camped outside the Regent after arriving at 7am.

"At the Napier concert last year, people were waiting outside since 6 in the morning and got to meet him because they were waiting so long.


"We were just like ‘Arggghhhh, we should do that'."

The pair had enough food to get them through the day, and brought blankets with them to keep warm.

Scarlett said she was hoping to attract Mastin's attention through social networking site Twitter.

"He follows me on Twitter. So does his mum."

Scarlett said she thought Mastin was good-looking, but she was also a fan of his music.

"He's just different to other stars in that he's doing rock'n'roll music.

"It's good that he's bringing it back."

Most fans arrived after school, including Katie Robinson, of Halcombe, who was attending the show with her mum.

The 12-year-old said she had been counting the sleeps until last night's show.

She liked Mastin's music because it was catchy.

It didn't hurt that he was cute either, it seemed.

"He's got a cute little gap in his teeth," Katie said.

In front of Katie in the line was Sarah Webber, a 14-year-old from Hastings who was seeing Mastin perform for the second time.

"I love his passion in his music and I love his personality," she said.

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