Regional terminal site still a secret

23:00, Feb 19 2013

Plans for an interim regional bus terminal in Palmerston North are progressing, but the location is still a secret.

City council infrastructure and projects engineer Robin Malley yesterday let Horizons Regional Council's passenger transport committee in on the plans in the public-excluded part of the meeting.

Chairman Vern Chettleburgh said the plans were "looking good".

"But I'm disappointed we weren't told earlier, and taken into their confidence."

The search for a short-term location for regional coaches began after the city council last year put planning for a combined urban and regional bus terminal, suggested for the current Main St site, on ice.

There is no money in the budget for the development until 2014-15.


The city council wanted to wait until Horizons completed a review of its services, to ensure the location was the best one.

Meanwhile, Tranzit announced its intention to quit the Pitt St regional bus facility as soon as possible, unwilling to continue paying the rent while other regional services parked in The Square for free.

City council chief executive Paddy Clifford said Horizons' councillors had been regularly updated on progress on the bus terminal project.

He said the location of the proposed interim inter-regional facility was commercially sensitive.

"Once those sensitivities have been addressed, the council will release more information."

Manawatu Standard