Smoke butt likely started fire

21:08, Feb 20 2013

The fire service is warning smokers to be careful, after they spent nearly an hour putting out a fire in Palmerston North this morning likely to have been started by a cigarette butt.

Palmerston North fire station officer Kerry Williams said a truck was called out at 12.45am to Franklin Ave, where officers found a fence and garden on fire.

"Luckily the neighbours heard some noises and looked out to see the flames."

The fire was hard to access as it was down a long driveway, which contributed to officers being there for about 50 minutes, he said.

No-one was injured in the blaze, but the fence was damaged.

Mr Williams said it was believed a cigarette butt had started the fire. "Someone has possibly dropped a smoke on the dry leaves, where it has smouldered and started the fire."

Smokers needed to be careful with their used cigarettes at all times, especially during dry summer conditions, he said.


Manawatu Standard