Jury in arson trial shown footage

The prosecution case against the man accused of lighting five fires at Foxton Racecourse has closed this morning with an unusual step.

Kelvin Mark Webb, 36, is charged with lighting five fires at the racecourse in November and December 2011.

A lap top was shown to jurors from which the officer in charge of the investigation, Detective Peter Vine, had been playing footage from a covert camera set up across from Webb's house.

At the time of the fires Webb lived on racecourse land.

Mr Vine said he could see in the footage the outline of features of Webb's house lit by a nearby security light. The switch for this light was inside Webb's house.

Mr Vine said the light was switched off and then back on around the time the fifth and final fire at the racecourse was lit and that this could be seen in the video. 

Defence lawyer Fergus Steedman told Mr Vine yesterday he could not see any change in the video in the time the light was allegedly turned off and then back on by Webb.

It was suggested the view on Mr Vine's lap top was different to what could be seen on the court television.

To aid the jury it was decided that the lap top should be shown to the jury and so it was carried over to them.

The prosecution case wound up about noon and Mr Steedman said he would not call anyone for the defence.

Crown prosecutor Ben Vanderkolk is now summing up its case.

Manawatu Standard