District council to sell link strip to landowners

19:00, Feb 22 2013

The Manawatu District Council is washing its hands of a link strip on a Feilding street, and selling it privately for $2000.

The council agreed in a strategic planning and policy meeting yesterday to sell a 10 square metre piece of land along the boundary of a property on the corner of Manchester St and Shelton Pl in a private sale with nearby property owners.

Council property adviser Shannon Quirke said that when the section went on the market in 2011 the council's planners and property advisers were inundated with calls from real estate agents about claiming the piece of land as part of the deal.

The link strip was first developed in 1975 as part of the Shelton Pl subdivision, but the owner at the time did not contribute to the cost of the road construction, Ms Quirke said.

A link strip was placed there by the council to limit access on to Shelton Pl.

"But now it doesn't seem to be necessary any more.


"The people who have bought the house have no interest in subdivision, but they would like to purchase the link strip in case they need to sell it in the future and really they just want to tidy it up a bit."

The council has covered the costs for a property valuation, which were $2000, and the property owners will cover the legal costs of the sale.

Although the option to sell the land on an open market was available, the council said there would be little interest in the land except by adjoining landowners. Deputy mayor Matt Bell asked if there was opportunity to develop the strip for roading, but Ms Quirke said it was of no benefit to the council.

Gordon Merwood, who lives across the road from the strip, said he was happy for the land to be sold if it remained the status quo.

"As long as they don't put a three- or four-storey skyscraper in there, then it should be fine," he said.

Manawatu Standard