Olly's moved, but not festival

23:00, Feb 24 2013

The man who had a music festival named after him says that despite moving to Auckland, Ollyfest will always stay with its roots.

Olly Martin, along with David Stevens, organises Ollyfest - a three-night all-ages music festival in Palmerston North.

Mr Martin said the festival, which started in 2009, was not named by himself.

"We had the dates book at The Stomach but no name, so Craig [Black, The Stomach's manager] pencilled it in as Ollyfest. The name stuck. Plus, I'm full of myself."

Since that first festival, acts from overseas and high-profile New Zealand bands like Avalanche City and The Jury and The Saints have performed.

The initial concept was to create a multi-genre festival with lots of diversity, Mr Martin said.


"It's about trying to cater to all crowds, and bring them to all shows to integrate different tastes and people."

This year the event has three shows - an acoustic night, an electronic-themed dance party and a rock matinee on the Sunday.

While Mr Stevens is still in Palmerston North, Mr Martin has moved to Auckland.

But Ollyfest would always stay in Palmerston North, he said.

"It's tradition - this is what [we] do and always will do."

This year's festival features bands from the United States and out of town, but there will also be plenty of Palmerston North-based bands.

Ollyfest opens on Wednesday, with the other shows on Friday and Sunday. Tickets are available from underthe radar.co.nz.

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