Library Wi-Fi available 24/7

04:09, Feb 27 2013

Palmerston North City Library is now providing free wireless internet around the clock.

Wi-Fi was available at the city library and branches already, but it was restricted to library opening hours.

Palmerston North City Library and Community Services content manager Shannon Simpson said the library wanted to provide residents with easy access to information.

Anyone within range, which at the Central Library branches out to some areas of George St and The Square, can connect to the network on a Wi-Fi-enabled laptop, tablet or smart phone.

The coverage outside library building was variable, however, most cafes on George St already had access.

''This is great news for visitors to the area as files of up to 800mb can be downloaded with the Library Wi-Fi and there is no data cap.''


Steps had been taken to ensure safe browsing. Users must agree to terms and conditions of use and there were filters to prohibit access to inappropriate material.

The service is provided in partnerships with Aotearoa People's Network Kaharoa.

Ms Simpson said the internet was a great source of information for learning, entertainment, exploration of new ideas and inspiration.

It also allowed people to research, go job hunting, do online banking, shopping or paying rates online. Library users can also download free eBooks and digital audio books.

Manawatu Standard