Guide group returns with biscuits

23:00, Feb 27 2013
Girl Guides
SECRET SNACK: Pippins Bianca Smith, 5, left, and Devon Goodwin , 6, sample Girl Guide biscuits. They will be selling them door to door tomorrow.

Feilding's Girl Guides are back and will be hitting the streets from tomorrow to sell 300 boxes of biscuits with the familiar baked treats bearing a new look.

The Girl Guides' Feilding unit was closed without warning a year ago this month.

The unit was closed because Girl Guides New Zealand had refused to renew the warrant of the previous leader of the unit.

The guides were told they had to travel to Palmerston North, Ashhurst or Kimbolton if they wanted to stay with the programme, resulting in a tense meeting between parents and Girl Guides NZ regional monitors last year.

A regional leader at the time had said Girl Guides had to be run in a similar way to a business and policies that had not been fulfilled by previous leadership must be met.

But by the next day a former Girl Guide stepped in and the Feilding Girl Guides was restored.


Glennis de Malmanche, Feilding district Pippins leader, said the guides were now on the lookout for a new leader, though last year's "leadership crisis" had been resolved.

"We had to keep it going for the girls. There's always new ones who want to join, so it's all good now."

This year 30 Girl Guides aged between 5 and 18 will once again have 300 boxes of plain, chocolate-coated and mini biscuits to move - and the trademark clover design on the vanilla cookies has had a makeover. There is now just one star and no Girl Guides logo embossed on the biscuits.

Girl Guide Sarah Neilson, 7, was looking forward to her first time peddling the biscuits tomorrow.

She reckoned she could eat just one biscuit in one go, but three if she was hungry and "maybe a bit more" if her dad was not looking.

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