And not a pacemaker to be seen

02:14, Mar 18 2013
Gerry Marsden
ON STAGE: Gerry Marsden performs in Palmerston North during his 2011 concert.

One of a host of musicians from the 1960s still going strong, Gerry and the Pacemakers frontman Gerry Marsden is getting ready for another concert in Palmerston North.

Billed as "the last great 60s tour", Marsden will perform all his hits at the Regent on Broadway on April 3, ensuring audience members will never walk home alone in disappointment.

He last toured New Zealand two years ago and played to a packed house in the city, entertaining the mostly older audience with his Liverpool banter and wit, as well as his voice.

Although he's now 70, he told the Manawatu Standard over the phone from his Melbourne hotel he had no plans to stop touring.

"The first thing is I've got no money," he joked.

"I enjoy being on the stage.


"I sing the hits - as many as I can. It's good. I know the words and I know the chords."

Marsden said he noticed those watching him were not all older.

As he mingles with the audience after a show he often asks youngsters why they turned up.

"I said, ‘did your mum and dad drag you here?'. They said, ‘no, we've heard your records all our lives'."

When away from his heavy touring schedule, Marsden said he liked to play golf and jet-ski.

"[But] I don't think I want to spend all my life on the golf course."

He still writes music too, but said his producers had a hard job getting him into the recording studio.

During his rare moments of free time he would often fly to Spain and take a break.

He said he remembered Palmerston North for the quality of the Chinese food outlets.

"My wife really enjoys it."

Gerry and the Pacemakers formed in 1959 and during the 1960s had a string of hits, beginning with How Do You Do It and including Girl on a Swing and Ferry Cross the Mersey.

"I have no intention of retiring," Marsden said. "I love it so much. I just really enjoy it. I wouldn't know what to do.

"I think my brain would just cave in." Marsden is touring with another 1960s Liverpool group, The Searchers.

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