Plan pleases 'average' family

Palmerston North's average ratepaying family has decided not to make a submission on the city council's draft Annual Plan.

Parkland couple Charles and Cindy George, and sons Harry, 10, Arthur, 9 and Oliver, 7, have taken time to read the plan, and failed to find any issues that moved them to have a say.

Mrs George said it was a useful exercise to take time to read the plan and get an understanding of how the council was balancing priorities for spending.

"But there's not really much for us in it," she said.

"We thought, by and large, what they are doing seems to be working well."

The Georges are enthusiastic users of the library and think the new mobile library is "fantastic", and after moving from Hawke's Bay recently, think the recycling bins and collection service are great.

Mrs George said if the family had spotted any issues, such as services they valued being taken away, they would have made a submission.

The plan proposes a 3.9 per cent rates increase, that will see the Georges' rates on their $136,000 land-value property rise from $2009 to $2088 in the coming year, an increase of $1.42 a week.

Early this week the city council had received only 33 submissions on the draft plan, including several from the anti-fluoride lobby.

Submissions close at 4pm today.

Manawatu Standard