Knicker nicker to seek help for 'lingerie lust'

21:52, Apr 26 2013

A "sweaty and agitated" knicker nicker hopes to seek help for his lust for lingerie and other personal problems.

Richard Gordon Barlow, 28, was sentenced in the Palmerston North District Court yesterday on a charge of burglary for some strange late-night antics.

About 12.15am on March 2, he walked up a Joseph St driveway and took a pair of women's underwear off the line.

He then tried an unlocked back door and walked into the house's living room, where he was disturbed by a woman home alone.

As he ran off Barlow threw the knickers over a fence. Police found him soon after in a "sweaty and agitated" state. A police summary says: "In relation to the underwear, he said he intended to take them home and conceded that he would use them for sexual gratification".

Defence lawyer Phillip Drummond said Barlow's personal circumstances were "problematic", although he had gained a qualification, so must be "reasonably astute".

"He doesn't know why he acts in this particular way. He wishes to seek help and assistance."

Judge David Smith agreed help was necessary and said Barlow's burglary wasn't driven by "any form of kleptomania". "The effect of you invading someone's home and having her find you on her premises I'm sure was shocking."

Barlow was sentenced to 18 months' intensive supervision and ordered 75 hours' community work.


Manawatu Standard