Get your keg over

01:52, May 04 2013

The ability of beer to make members of the opposite sex seem more alluring than they actually are has been the cause of morning-after regrets for generations, but a Palmerston North-made brew is set to lubricate a little more love than your average pint.

Wellington brewing company Funk Estate was at Massey University yesterday to create what it is calling Super Afrodisiac.

Brewer Shiego Takagi said it would be a 7 per cent stout, but the extra ingredients were behind the beer's suggestive name.

The beer would have various aphrodisiacs added, including figs, cacao nibs, honey, oysters and maca root powder - all ingredients said to improve what Mr Takagi calls "night-time exercise".

The idea came about after he was eating oysters with a friend at the Beervana beer festival last year.

"It's an aphrodisiac and we started thinking about oyster stouts and thought ‘why not do it?'."


The idea snowballed, leading to the inclusion of the other ingredients. Mr Takagi said the final product should be sweet with a light hop bitterness.

A Scottish brewery created a beer with Viagra in it to celebrate the marriage of Prince William and Princess Kate - dubbed Royal Virility Performance - but Mr Takagi said that was not possible here because it is a prescription medicine.

He had tried the ingredients going into Super Afrodisiac and could vouch for their effectiveness.

The maca root was good for men's general health, and should not have any adverse effects on women, Mr Takagi said.

Most of Super Afrodisiac would be put into kegs and likely be sold out of Palmerston North, but Mr Takagi said there were plans to try to get some into bottles.

He said the company planned to launch the beer at an upcoming winter beer festival.

Manawatu Standard