Defence centres 'danger driving' courses at Linton

01:44, Jul 02 2013

Linton Military Camp has become hub central for the Defence Force's driver training courses.

Prior to the change, marked at a ceremony yesterday, the air force, navy and army had separate driver training courses, with some regulations and policies varying slightly.

"The centralisation means a single facility, one point of contact, one set of policies and one set of output," the New Zealand Defence College Commander, Colonel Peter Wood, said.

Guest speaker Major General Tim Keating said the training would be intense.

The school would be "training them to drive on a goat track at night, without lights, snowing, all while someone's trying to kill them".

The Defence Force can issue driver licences without having to go through the NZ Transport Agency. There are also accelerated classes for drivers on restricted licences. Tony Marlow from the NZTA welcomed the centralisation of driver training.

"We can just contact Linton and not all three [armed forces] - it certainly makes our life easier, I can't see any downsides."

Colonel Wood said the centralisation of driver training would mean similar courses would not need to be replicated across the three armed forces.

The facilities had been set up so they could expand and contract to cater for both large and small classes, Colonel Wood said.


Manawatu Standard