Ice rink has a boom school holiday

Palmerston North school children took to The Square's ice rink like ducks to water during the midwinter break, but now it's skates off and back to the books as the holidays come to an end.

The Palmerston North Ice Skating Rink in The Square opened a month ago, attracting more than 15,000 punters.

Owner Gareth Webber said he was expecting business to quieten down once kids went back to school on Monday.

"There has been a good turnover this school holiday, it has been great. We were surprised to see that even though there was a run of a lot of rain these holidays . . . I was pleasantly surprised to see people still showing up."

The young punters' behaviour had also improved this year, Mr Webber said.

"We've had fairly few incidents this year, I feel like we're in a different city. We certainly had our fair share of trouble last year but this year they've been great," he said.

As term 3 beckons, police are reminding motorists to take extra care on the roads and around schools. Parents are also being urged to help their kids school up on road safety rules.

"It's important that all drivers be aware of their speed and keep a watch out for children. This means sticking to the speed limit, giving cyclists plenty of room and travelling at no more than 20kmh past a stationary school bus," road policing national manager Superintendent Carey Griffiths said.

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