Bees on bike create big buzz

23:00, Nov 05 2013
bees on bike
BEES ON BIKES: Beekeeper Jeremy McLachlan removes the swarm from a motorbike in central Palmerston North.

A swarm of bees were unexpected customers at a Palmerston North car yard after settling on a motorcycle.

The swarm created quite a buzz as motorists slowed outside Anza Motorcycles on Taonui St to take photos and pedestrians gave the bees a wide berth.

The bees settled on the bike, a Hyosung, about 12.30pm with Anza staff calling a beekeeper in to remove them.

bees on bike
SWARM: The bees cover a motorcycle before being removed.

That task fell to Jeremy McLachlan, who said the bees would have been searching for a new hive.

Bees were generally docile when they were without a hive to defend, he said, something Mr McLachlan backed up by approaching the bees without protective gear and brushing them into a box.

"Once you get the queen in the rest will generally follow."

The swarm was one of several reported to the Manawatu Standard in the past fortnight.

Mr McLachlan said this was the time of year bees were out looking for new hives.

"They'll find somewhere to cluster and send scouts out to look for a new place to live."


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