Cat-killer dogs still on loose

Animal control staff are patrolling up to three times a day as they hunt for a pair of killer dogs on the loose in northern Feilding.

Manawatu District Council animal control officer Lesley Butler said no "productive" information had come her way since it was revealed a red boxer-type dog and a dark huntaway were believed to have killed five cats since late October.

"It's certainly not something we're prepared to let rest until we get a positive outcome," she said.

The savageness of the two dogs is of concern to residents, including Johnathan Wagener from Derby St, who witnessed his neighbours' cat die after he tried to save it.

The attack happened near his property opposite York St on November 17, when he was woken at 6am by what he thought was two dogs fighting.

Mr Wagener went outside to see both dogs standing over his neighbours' cat. "I got there as soon as I could," he said. "There was no noise from the cat, it kind of looked like the cat had been cornered." He said the dogs seemed aggressive and stood their ground for a while before dropping the cat. "They were pretty savage about it, it was enough to wake me."

The cat was still alive when Mr Wagener got to it but it died soon after. He said the dogs needed to be caught and they were a concern to the community.

"What bothers me is that I've got two young kids," Mr Wagener said. "Having those sort of things roaming is a bit of a concern."

Manawatu Standard