Man stole to pay daughter's drug debt

23:00, Dec 17 2013

A Feilding man has admitted helping himself to a farming contractor's possessions after helping her artificially inseminate cattle, all because his teenage daughter had drug debt which needed paying off.

Piri Wayne Thomason admitted in the Palmerston North District Court yesterday he stole a wallet and bag from the car of the contractor at the farm where he worked.

On November 27, he was assisting the contractor with inseminating cows.

The woman had parked a truck near a milking shed and left it unlocked.

After Thomason had helped with the inseminations, he went to her truck and found her wallet in a brown shoulder bag.

Inside it was a wallet containing credit cards and $80 cash.


He threw the wallet into a nearby paddock and hid the bag in the boot of a co-worker's car.

The woman noticed her belongings were missing, and a search by police found the bag in the car.

The summary of facts read to the court said Thomason had tried to pin the theft on a co-worker.

In court, defence lawyer Jock Turnbull said Thomason, a father of seven children, had stolen the money to help his family.

His 14-year-old daughter had got into debt because of drugs, he was trying to pay it off and needed the money to keep the family afloat.

Mr Turnbull said Thomason had breached the trust of his co-workers, but his boss had not fired him since he fronted up about the theft.

Judge Les Atkins chastised Thomason.

"This is pretty despicable. "To nominate someone else as he did is even more despicable." He ordered Thomason to serve 150 hours of community work and to repay the contractor $38.20.

Manawatu Standard