Shot cat's vet bill cut into wedding bells

20:00, Dec 20 2013

Gary the cat may have bounced back to good health after being shot, but his owners are still struggling to replenish the wedding fund they had to sacrifice to save his life.

But his owners Rachel Hoskin and Eddie Fraser are still struggling to replace their wedding fund, sacrificed to save their feline.

The plight of Gary's owners Rachel Hoskin and Eddie Fraser, published in the Manawatu Standard last month, struck such a chord with Palmerston North IT consultant Dave Chisholm that he decided to take action.

"It grabbed me, the article, and I love animals and cats so I thought there must be some moron out there shooting at animals," he said.

"And when it got to the bit where they had dipped into their wedding fund I thought ‘those people really love their cat'."

Ms Hoskin and Ms Fraser spent about $3500 fixing up Gary, something they agree was "definitely the right decision".


But Mr Chisholm said it was unfair the couple were put in the situation and he was sure there were other people who thought like him.

"I thought there must be a donation thing going on but there wasn't.

"I rang the Massey vet hospital and they said it was a nice idea but they weren't doing anything," he said.

"I rang the SPCA and they were helpful but because they are a charity the can't collect money and pass it on.

"So I thought ‘I have the skills, I'll do it'."

Ms Hoskin and Ms Fraser said they were blown away by a total stranger - now a friend - offering his support.

"What it means is we can get all the little bits back," she said.

"We were going to have a picnic wedding so we can get the ice cream truck and give people a good time.

"We almost crossed off the entire catering, but we got a loan so hopefully we would be able to pay that back too."

Mr Chisholm has set up a Facebook page and ASB bank account for people to donate to, and any excess funds will be given to the Massey vet hospital and SPCA.

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