Garden reports bumper sales

23:00, Dec 23 2013
Rob Dickey
SWEET SMELL: Rob Dickey takes a whiff of some lillies at Delta Gardens where business is booming for summer.

Delta Gardens has sold out of many pick-your-own berries and vegetables in the Christmas rush.

Even Christmas lilies have done their dash, after blooming early.

The Longburn commercial gardens said this year everybody had been chasing raspberries, and jersey benne potatoes.

Rob Dickey has come from Auckland to help manage the gardens with his father Neville and said everybody loved the potatoes because they were a boiling spud that did not split.

He said they sold out in November.

"And the nadine potatoes and the peas have sold out.


"It has been a stonka of a year."

Dickey said the Christmas lilies had come early this year with the warm, moist weather, and as a result, were past selling.

Dutch Glory lilies were selling instead of Christmas lilies.

"Usually they would come two weeks after Christmas, but thankfully, they too have bloomed earlier this year," Dickey said.

Manawatu Standard