Gales and heavy rain on way

Batten down the tents, it's about to get windy.

A strong wind warning is in place for coastal areas of Manawatu tomorrow, and MetService meteorologist Daniel Corbett says the northwest gales are likely to become dangerous for campers.

"If they're still there after all that we've been having they're going to need the big tent pegs to stay there during this," Corbett said.

A band with heavy bursts of rain would accompany the winds which would reach their peak in the middle of the afternoon.

Gusts could reach 130 to 140kmh in exposed areas of Wellington. The strength of the wind was likely to be slightly lower in Manawatu but still potentially damaging, Corbett said.

Showers would ease on Saturday morning to allow the region to "catch its breath" before another trough of rain came through on Saturday night.

"It's scarcely believable conditions really - it's very spring-like for this time of year. It sort of feels like we're a carwash with the troughs lining up one after the other."

Sunday would be a day of rain, but it would clear on Monday morning as the first high of 2014 finally made its way across the country, Corbett said.

Despite the high's presence showers of some description are currently forecast every day next week.

The northwest winds would keep temperatures between 23 and 24 degrees over the next five days, Corbett said.

"It's a rollercoaster ride and it's a tricky one for those camping because it does start to get better into next week.

"But for the next few days it will be a challenge to pitch a tent and enjoy it."

Manawatu Standard