January's gym goals are faint memory by March

January is a busy month for gyms nationwide, with new year resolution setters hoping to start their year off on the right foot.

Palmerston North is no exception - with more than 15 gyms and fitness clubs in the city, the inquiries are walking through the door.

City Fitness manager Errol Kwan said there was a lot of membership interest in the past week from people coming in off the street.

"We get a mixture of both new members and returning members," said Mr Kwan.

It is no different down the road at 24-hour gym Snap Fitness.

Manager Matthew Milne said yesterday was the first day back after running unstaffed over the holiday period and they were expecting new memberships. "We always expect summer to be busy, especially after the new year," Mr Milne said.

"Generally there's a good ratio - obviously there's a lot of old members returning but there's also a good ratio of new members."

However, a recent survey by tech company TomTom has suggested Kiwis are all talk when it comes to fitness goals.

It showed 88 per cent of New Zealanders set themselves a fitness goal in 2013 but most failed to keep up their fitness regime, with only 3 per cent achieving their goals.

The survey released last week said 65 per cent of those polled were aiming to increase their exercise levels in the next 12 months.

This is despite only 40 per cent managing to do so in the previous year. The survey also found women had a lower success rate when it came to achieving their fitness goals, at 36 per cent compared with men at 48 per cent.

Overall, New Zealanders are more active than average on a global level but those overseas making fitness commitments are more likely to stick to them.

Manawatu Standard