Teen hid tinnies in friend's pram

A Palmerston North teenager who tried to hide drugs from the police by using a woman's pram, has had his sentencing wish granted so that he can get help for his addictions.

Victor Hempel, 18, appeared in the Palmerston North District Court yesterday on a charge of possessing cannabis.

A summary of facts read to the court said that Hempel was in Farmers in The Plaza on November 4 with a package in his hand.

The package, wrapped in newspaper, contained multiple cannabis tinnies.

He noticed security guards watching him, and he asked his friend if he could put the drugs into a bag on her pram. Police were called and stopped Hempel, who said he had "freaked out".

Hempel's lawyer Victoria Anderson said Hempel had asked for a sentence of supervision so he could deal with his cannabis addiction.

He had been using the drug for many years and wanted to break free from it, she said.

Judge Gregory Ross said the charge was minor, but it was obvious that Hempel needed help getting his life together.

"It seems that the assistance you need can be given through supervision."

Judge Ross sentenced Hempel to six months' supervision and ordered that he undergo a drug and alcohol assessment.

Manawatu Standard