Pokemon fans to choose it or lose it

Calling all Pokemon hunters - the chance to catch hidden creatures in Palmerston North's inaugural Pokequest is coming up this weekend.

Keen gamers will line up on Saturday for a treasure trawl through the city on a Pokemon pursuit.

But Badcave owner and event organiser Silver Dunlop warns: "It's not your traditional scavenger hunt."

The event offers Pokemon fans the opportunity to turn the popular role-playing video games into reality by hunting through Palmerston North completing challenges, collecting cards and, hopefully, overcoming the day's leader at the end.

Mrs Dunlop said it was shaping up to be a fun-filled day, with a handful of people already signed up.

Pokemon was first released as a game for hand-held devices, like Game Boy, in the late 1990s.

It has since become a world recognised franchise and includes television shows, trading cards, toys, books and interactive media.

In Palmerston North's inaugural Pokequest areas of the CBD will be turned into Pokemon-themed stations, or safari hunting grounds, and participants are encouraged to don costumes of their favourite Pokemon, hunters or trainers.

Mrs Dunlop said teams would be given a map outlining the city's safari zones, all within walking distance of The Square, where they follow clues and complete challenges to win Pokemon cards.

When they have completed all the zones they meet the gym leader for a final battle using the Pokemon cards they've caught.

If teams get stuck, they can purchase clues from the Just Zilch table, with the money raised going to support the charitable organisation. It was a two-pronged event, aimed at raising the profile of Pokemon and supporting a good cause, Mrs Dunlop said.

Manawatu Standard