Dust off the sunglasses Manawatu

22:09, Jan 15 2014

Dust off the sunglasses Manawatu, you'll actually get to use them this long weekend.

It will rain on Friday morning and Monday night, but with a bit of luck Manawatu could just squeeze in Wellington Anniversary weekend of sun.

MetService meteorologist Daniel Corbett said the "rollercoaster" start to the year's weather was not over but someone had reminded the woman upstairs that it was important to lay off the bumpy ride this weekend.

"It will be like summer for a change, particularly on Saturday and Sunday, they look wonderful," Mr Corbett said.

"Mother Nature has finally got her calendar in order."

Temperatures would be in their early to mid-20s with Sunday in particular living up to its name.


The main question mark was Monday - Wellington Anniversary Day - which should start sunny but could be affected by "stuff that's bubbling away in the tropics" at the moment.

That weather was on a crash course for the north of the North Island on Monday but just when it would hit Manawatu was not known as of yet, Mr Corbett said.

It was likely it would hold off until late afternoon, so plans of an evening barbecue would have to include a raincoat, Mr Corbett said.

Before the weekend, Manawatu would have to deal with yet another rain-making summer front.

The low would move up the South Island tomorrow and would knock on Manawatu's doorstep tomorrow night, bringing a dose of heavy rain and showers in the small hours, Mr Corbett said.

Westerlies preceding the front would be brisk.

Friday would be a day for the raincoat as showers turned to rain again by mid-morning, but it would ease by the evening in time for the long weekend, Mr Corbett said.

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