Police turn attention to nearby property

Police have returned to Akers Rd in Linton to search another property in connection with a homicide investigation into the disappearance of Whetu Hansen.

Detectives and forensic investigators were searching 195 Akers Rd, Linton, yesterday, and are expected to continue their search today.

Whetu Teaola Hansen, 48, of Whanganui was last seen on November 24, 2012, and police became aware of his disappearance on December 2.

Police found Mr Hansen's 1980s primer-grey coloured Ford at 121 Akers Rd on December 5 last year, and spent three weeks searching that property.

Investigators descended on the other property at 9am yesterday.

Investigators in full forensic uniform could be seen examining the inside of the house, while a garage door and window beside the house had been covered in black tarpaulin.

Detective Senior Sergeant Simon Harrison said two female occupants of the house were co-operating fully with police and no arrests had been made.

A neighbour of the property said he "wasn't surprised" police were at the house, and the occupant of 121 Akers Rd had been a frequent visitor there. There were "a few uncouth characters around", but they kept to themselves, he said.

He believed the owner of the house, a woman, was looking after dogs belonging to the owner of 121 Akers Rd.

Police would not comment on the relationship between the women from the house and the man from 121, or if his dogs were at the property.

In the course of the investigation, police have asked for sightings of "Henry", Mr Hansen's missing mixed-breed dog, believed to have been with him when he went missing.

They have also asked for sightings of two vehicles, Mr Hansen's Ford ute and a mint-green 1981 Mitsubishi wooden flat-deck ute.

Twelve officers are working on the investigation.

Manawatu Standard