Pest controllers expect invasion of flies

23:00, Jan 20 2014

Pest control services in Manawatu are bracing for a busy season as homeowners get fed up and take extreme measures against flies.

Technicians warn that this year is going to be particularly bad for house flies as bookings fill up quickly after Wellington Anniversary weekend.

Target Pest Manawatu technician Mark Atkinson said people could be waiting weeks for house spraying services in the region. "It's busy for all pests at the moment, wasps, flies, spiders and ants," he said. "So it's not just flies, we're busy with everything.

"It all hits at once and February will be the busiest month - everyone comes back from holiday and wants it done at once."

Mr Atkinson said Target Pest had put extra staff on this year so it could cope with the influx of requests.

"After January 20 it really goes ballistic and that goes through to April," he said. "A lot of people are one-man bands and are booked out, but we've got the staff numbers and can cope.


"But there may be a case in the next few weeks where we are booked out and then people have to wait a week or two to get in."

Mr Atkinson said Palmerston North and Wairarapa were similar, with outlying farms contributing to fly and pest problems.

"Here, a lot of houses are quite close to paddocks whereas in other places like Wellington and Lower Hutt, the flies aren't such a problem," he said. "This year seems to be quite bad for house flies.

"Sometimes it's the heat, rainfall and the humidity. Last year was quite dry and the flies weren't too bad - they like a bit of rain."

A1 Pest Control technician David Batchelor and his three-man crew are already booked out for a month.

"It already is busier than last year," he said. "The year starts for us about Labour weekend . . . more and more people are realising home remedies just aren't working.

"It's mainly flies and spiders . . . but we do get jobs for ants, cockroaches and other insects."

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