Man admits late night sex assault

23:00, Jan 21 2014

A Pohangina man has admitted a late night assault in which he pushed his way into a woman's house and performed a sex act in front of her.

Hamish John Luttrell, 35, made his way to an Ashhurst property in the early hours of January 4.

He knocked on the bedroom of his soon-to-be victim, before he went to the back of the property. A woman was standing there, with her arm across the door.

She told him he was not going in the house, but he tried to walk through the door.

When she tried to stop Luttrell, he put his arm across her throat and his other hand across her mouth before pushing her into the house.

She struggled against him, but he tightened his grip on her throat and mouth.


Luttrell turned her around, putting his hand back across her mouth, before pushing her into the laundry. He then held her in place while he masturbated.

When he was finished he used a pair of her pyjama bottoms to clean up, before leaving the house with the item of clothing.

Police searched Luttrell's home on January 10, and found the pair of pyjama bottoms on a pile of burnt rubbish.

They also found various firearms, gun stocks, a shotgun barrel, .22 ammunition and shotgun shells.

When questioned, Luttrell said the victim must have put the pyjama bottoms there.

In the Palmerston North District Court yesterday, Luttrell pleaded guilty to burglary, inducing an indecent act, two counts of unlawfully possessing firearms and assault.

Judge Gregory Ross convicted him and remanded him until March for sentencing.

Manawatu Standard