Conservatives have office, seek candidate

The Palmerston North branch of the Conservative Party has a new home and is on the lookout for a candidate.

The Colin Craig-led party has a new office on College St that has been painted in the Conservative Party's light blue colours.

"We've done up the outside and are looking at doing up the inside in the next month or two," Palmerston North branch chairman Gordon McIvor said.

The party was also in the process of accepting nominations for a candidate to contest the 2014 election. Mr McIvor said the success- ful candidate would be named towards the end of February.

Mr McIvor said the party had had more time to organise itself in Palmerston North than in 2011 where it polled 3 per cent of the party vote.

"We're going to go hard. We've got a target set for what we want to achieve," he said.

Mr McIvor said the party's new office was not just for the campaign but would function as an electoral office and would be open every day.

The developments in Palmerston North follow a visit from Mr Craig late last year where he said the Conservatives would have a much larger presence in the provinces for this year's election.

Manawatu Standard